The Van Movie House was built by L.T. Elder and completed in December 1946.
J.H. Stagner leased the building beginning in February 1947.  The Movie House closed in approximately 1967.
It was purchased by Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts Store in 1994 until they moved to their current location in 2009.
The Economic Development Corporation purchased the property on May 12, 2010 from Duane & Sue Teague.    
The Movie House was refurbished in 2015 with two new restrooms.  It has a small stage on the South end.  An American and a Texas flag grace the stage.  There is a small kitchenette with a full size stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator.   There are 17 eight foot tables and 110 chairs available for use.  
It is currently being used as a place to be rented out for community meetings or by individuals for parties.
The City Council, the Van Area Chamber of Commerce and the Van Kiwanis Club have their monthly meetings in the Movie House.
A projector, screen, and sound system have been installed.   This enables projection of meeting information for meetings or to just watch a movie for fun.  (To be able to use this system, call the EDC Director, Charles West, 903-963-7216, to get it set up. One of the EDC directors must be present when this system is in use.)


The Movie House – 255 West Main – Van TX – 903-963-5051

Movie House

Policy & Procedures to rent the Movie House.  Click here: Movie House application and policies
Check off list – Click here: Movie House cleaning policies 
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