January 5, 2019 – Blood – Platelet Drive in Honor of Kevin Costner & ‘Go Fund Me’ account

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UPDATE!   Kevin has received his transplant.  Prayers for a successful procedure for Kevin, Linda and all the family.  Please sign up for the blood drive in honor of Kevin.  There has also been a GoFundMe account set up for Linda and Kevin.
****The Chamber will once again sponsor a blood drive in Kevin’s honor. The blood center is very low at this time of year. please read this message. The goal is 38 units on Jan 5. Let’s exceed that  goal!   See the attached flyer.
Sign up on line here:  https://ww2.greatpartners.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/101040

-Kevin has been basically reborn with new blood and it will cure his hereditary blood disorder.

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