Business Incentives

Here in Van, we’re working hard to develop an environment for sustainable business success.

It starts by helping you create the right foundation for your company’s new startup, relocation effort, or expansion. By working closely with you, we’ll develop a tailor-made incentive package that will help limit your capital expenditures, relocation costs, and initial overhead. And, we’ll ensure that these incentives are long-lasting, with generous terms — the kind you won’t find just anywhere.

Enjoy the benefits of Van enterprise and fill out the Business Incentive Application!

Here are some of the state and local incentives we can offer:

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  • Tax Abatements:
    Recently, we established a unique reinvestment zone along I-20 (see map), specifically created to help your business thrive. Not only is there great transportation access here, but this zone also offers a 10 year tax abatement incentive. And, unlike many locations, this type of incentive is not reserved only for large companies with major capital investments. We strongly believe in helping small and mid-sized businesses grow, and by limiting your local tax obligations as much as possible, we’re setting you up for lasting success!
  • Chapter 380 Agreements: 
    Another key tool we’ll leverage to create the perfect incentive for your new business, relocation, or expansion is the 380 Agreement, named after it’s location in the Texas Government Code. This provision allows Van to provide targeted incentives on a case by case basis, including but not limited to tax abatements, sales-tax refunds, loans, grants, and infrastructure commitments.
  • Relocation Assistance Reimbursement:
    Specifically designed to help new businesses relocate to our community, Van also provides a relocation assistance reimbursement that can help offset your company’s transition costs.  We’ll do our best to make your move to Van as seamless as possible!
  • Capital Investment Assistance: 
    Not only can we help new businesses establish themselves in Van by contributing toward necessary land, buildings, and equipment, we can, in the same way, also help existing businesses expand! We value long-term partnerships with our local companies and will continue to work with you over the lifetime of your business to help you succeed and grow. When you choose Van, you’re choosing a life-long friend!


The State of Texas has actively empowered local communities to help attract and expand businesses, providing an array of state economic development tools and resources that we can leverage to help you!

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Here is a quick look at some of the many tools at our disposal:

    • Texas Enterprise Fund
    • Emerging Technology Program
    • Skills Development Fund
    • Texas Enterprise Zone Program
    • Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Program
    • Texas Capital Fund Real Estate Development Program
    • Rural Municipal Finance Program
    • State Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
    • Texas Industry Development Program
    • Texas Leverage Fund
    • Bonds
    • Texas Product Development Fund
    • Texas Small Business Fund
    • Section 108
    • Texas Economic Development Act
    • Economic Development Refund
    • Renewable Energy Incentives
    • Permit Assistance
    • Moving Image Industry Incentive Program
    • Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition for Employees

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