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    “In Van, we’ll do everything in our power to help position your business for sustained success, partnering with you over the life-cycle of your business, willing to help you through every stage of growth.”

    Roger Jackson, VEDC Executive Director

Van, TX Business Incentives | Best Place for Business near Dallas

Business Incentives

Van is one of the best places for business in East Texas, one reason being that we provide some incredible business incentives for those in our town, including 10 year tax abatements, 380 agreements, relocation assistance, expansion grants, and more. Whether you are a large or medium sized business, or even a small start-up, we’re glad to offer you unmatched benefits for basing your business in Van, TX.


Available Property Map

Van has more than 200 acres of available land along I-20, all within a tax abatement zone.  Regardless of your businesses size, large or small, these abatements are designed to help your business thrive. You’ll not only get great transportation access and a strategic interstate location, but now you’ll also receive a 10 year tax abatement incentive. To learn more, click the picture above to see a map of Van’s available property!

Van Texas is the Best Community Near Dallas

Community Profile

With a thriving community, excellent schools, outstanding business support network and incentives, Van, TX is the perfect place to establish your business and create a home. Conveniently located near major metropolitan areas, offering modern amenities and resources, and possessing a robust, growing economy, Van’s community has a lot to offer families and business owners.

Greetings from EDC Executive Director, Roger Johnson

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Welcome to Van, Texas!

Thank you for your interest in our growing community!  As you explore our site and learn more about our town, it’s rich history, and commitment to growth, please know that we are here to help you — feel free to contact us at anytime.

More than likely there are two questions going through your mind right now – “Where,” as in, “Where is this Mayberry-like town located?”  And, “Why,” as in, “Why should I consider moving or expanding my business to this wonderful-to-live-in-and-raise-a-family type of community?”  I’m glad you asked!

Why Van is the Best Place to Live in East Texas

Van is located within a strategic growth corridor of I-20, just an hour east of downtown Dallas and twenty minutes west of Tyler.  A town of 2,600 friendly folks, our traditional, down-home quality of life, truly excellent public schools (3A), and close proximity to major metropolitan areas draws many families desiring a safe, wholesome environment. They enjoy our small-town quality of life as well as easy interstate access to big-city shopping, dining, entertainment, and corporate jobs.

One of the Best Places for Business Near Dallas

Business owners are interested in Van because they care about their bottom line, their company’s potential for success, and long-term partnership, the kind that continues to invest, equip, and empower, without the equity take.  And, if they are a small to mid-sized business, they are also interested because of the incentives available, the kind they won’t get anywhere else – 10 year tax abatements, 380 agreements, land grants, relocation assistance, expansion grants, etc.  In Van, we’ll do everything in our power to help position your business for sustained success, partnering with you over the life-cycle of your business, willing to help you through every stage of growth.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime — we’re always available for you!

Continued success,

Roger Johnson
Executive Director
Van Economic Development Corporation

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