Planning & Zoning

Looking for more detailed planning information about the City of Van?  If so, you’ve come to the right place — just click here to review the City of Van’s Master Planning Study (2007).

We’d love to help you build a new home or business establishment in Van, so we’ve got all the permits, applications and zoning rules right here for your convenience.

Our zoning requirements and rules can be found within our Code of Ordinances for Van, Texas. If you are considering building a new house or addition to an existing building, you’ll need to get a City of Van Building Permit. If you’d like to move a house or building, then submit an Application for Moving Permit. If you own property outside of Van but would prefer to be included within the City Limits of Van, then use the Petition for Voluntary Annexation. And, for more information regarding the fees for buildings, shelters, signs and other structures, please refer to our Van Permit Fee list.

If you’re planning on beginning construction or other project on your property, please fill out the Request for Project Approval/Change of Current Zoning form.

If you require further information, aren’t sure if your project scale requires zoning adjustments, or need some other form of assistance, feel free to contact our town office at (903) 963-7216 and we’ll be glad to help!

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