City Manager


The City of Van is a community that is continually welcoming new residents, helping businesses succeed and creating a convenient, enjoyable environment for our citizens. Our charming city runs smoothly because we are supported by a skilled administration, which works tirelessly to maintain and develop the policies that assist our thriving town. The administration is guided by city manager who serves our town by executing the policies decided by our city council.

You may want to review the city’s detailed master planning study (2007), which provides a wealth of “nuts-and-bolts” information.

We’re very proud of the excellent efforts of our town’s administration in maintaining and effectively managing our community resources. They are a large part of making the City of Van so successful!

We’re always open to new activities and events within the community and we’ll do our best to help you with your plans! If you’re wanting to hold a special event in the City of Van and require roads closed or other special assistance, here’s the Activity Permit Application form. Fill it out (don’t forget your signature!) and mail it in to:

Van City Hall
113 West Main
Van, TX 75790

For more information regarding Van’s administration, offices, or event planning, visit our City Hall located at 113 West Main, Van TX 75790 or call their number 903-963-7216. Email:


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