City Council

Our City Council works hard to develop policies that will benefit the City of Van and improve our community environment. The dedicated members of our City Council are:

Mayor Don Smith

Alderman Linzey Neal

Alderman Paul Bullington

Alderwoman Amanda Davis

Alderman Ernie Burns

Alderman Pete Lucas

If any of our residents are interested in expressing an opinion or idea pertaining to the town, they are encouraged to attend one of our regular City Council meetings. We value the input from all our town’s members, so community attendance and involvement at the meetings is greatly appreciated. If you would like to address the council, you can register to speak to the Mayor and City Council by contacting the City of Van Manager, Charles West.

For more information regarding Van’s administration, council members, and meetings, visit our City Hall located at corner of 113 West Main, Van TX 75790 or call 903-963-7216 or

The Agenda and Minutes can be found at website.

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