• Welcome to the Van Chamber of Commerce!

    If you’re looking for a supportive, thriving community to host your business, Van’s Chamber of Commerce will convince you that it is the best place for businesses near Dallas. Our Chamber is committed to the advancement of the commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic and cultural interests of the City of Van, Texas and its surrounding community and trade area.

  • Thriving Community for Business and Family

    Van, it’s not just a location – it’s a potential home!  If you’re looking for a supportive, thriving community near Dallas, one that still believes in people, hometown values, and quality schools, then Van is the perfect home for your business! Our Chamber of Commerce is more than willing to show you why Van is the best place for business near Dallas!

  • Van’s Business Promotions

    Van’s Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting Van’s business community, from featuring a regular “Business of the Month” to sponsoring town-wide events throughout the year. We are proud of the companies working within Van and do our best to promote their business with ads in the newspaper and on the radio, community events, business-to-business networking and promotions.

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The Van Area Chamber contributes to our vibrant community by organizing and marketing citywide events, enhancing community involvement, and attracting visitor interest.

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The Van Area Chamber works to strengthen and expand local business success by forging strategic relationships among existing businesses, new business prospects, and potential investors.

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The Van Area Chamber also works to ensure Van’s continued prosperity by giving businesses a voice in community affairs, informing members about relevant issues, and encouraging support for pro-growth initiatives.


What the Van Area Chamber is doing!

What the Van Area Chamber is doing!

Through annual community events like the Annual Chamber Banquet, Van Oil Festival & Pageant & Concert, the Holly Berry Bazaar & Spirit of Christmas Business Lighting Contest, two monthly movies at the Movie House,   and many others, our members actively invest in Van’s excellent quality of life. By sponsoring networking opportunities, showcasing local businesses, and highlighting business accomplishments through various media outlets, we help expand economic opportunity for our members and the Van community. By working together, chamber members keep Van moving in the right direction — forward!

Enjoy the Benefits of Becoming a Van Chamber Member!

If you’re interested in moving your business to Van, give us a call and we’ll give you the details on how our Chamber of Commerce excels at welcoming and establishing new businesses to the area. If you’d like to become a member of the Van Chamber of Commerce, check out our numerous business incentives designed to help you succeed and apply to become a valued member!

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Interested in Selling a Product at a Chamber Event?

If you’re a vendor and are interested in selling a product at a community event sponsored by the Van Area Chamber of Commerce, go to http://vantx.com/chamber/vendor-event-registration/Click on the link for the event you are interested in.

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